An Honor and Privilege to be a Mother

Miraculous! Incredible! Magnificent! Blessed! Joy! Fulfillment! Love! Tender! Gratitude! These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of pregnancy and childbirth.

Across my Facebook feed this morning came a video post of a baby doing gymnastics inside a mother’s womb. It appeared that both the mother’s uterus and skin were so paper thin that you could see every movement and every outline of that baby’s body as if it were a 3-D Ultrasound. (You may view that video here.) For those who have had the blessing of experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, you know what I’m talking about. You know what it feels like to have you baby do “gymnastics” in your womb…to watch it move and stretch and grow…and finally to hold that baby skin to skin following birth and feeling their little movements all over again that so rocked your world while they were in the womb. For those yearning to have this experience, it is my belief that no blessing will be withheld. I would love to help you get there!

I find great joy seeing expectant moms in my life’s path. Yesterday, I had my 9 yr. old son in the dentist office to have four teeth pulled. He has my mouth…or so I’ve said. My mouth was so overcrowded there was simply not enough room for all my teeth and I ended up having eight teeth extracted. And I am reliving that reality now with my boys. The hygienist that attended the dentist in the extraction procedure was quite pregnant and I took a moment to comment afterward and asked her when her baby was expected. I could see that she was somewhat uncomfortable and wearing a maternity support belt. So I inquired further. She was obviously scared of the birthing process and lacked confidence. In less than 15 seconds I tried to allay her fears, handed her a business card, and invited her to call me.

After 32 yrs. of working with childbearing women, I never tire of the miracle of pregnancy and birth. I make an effort to reach out to pregnant women and let them know how beautiful they look and how exciting it is that they are with child. I love seeing belly pics posted on social media! And whenever I note them, I always take time to comment. I know first hand how those little ones feel about seeing pictures of their mother’s ever enlarging abdomen, the smiles on their faces, the anticipation of a new baby coming! I let them know that the best part is yet to come. Birthing is the culmination of love making…the very best part! And with preparation and education their births can be calm, gentle, and more comfortable. With my childbearing years behind me now, the beauty and magnificence of conception and carrying a baby in the womb is ever imprinted upon my memory. What a privilege and blessing it is to be a mother!

Now that I am raising teens, it is even more crucial that I reflect on these feelings, emotions and experiences of bringing children into the world…the tenderness and love with which I cared for these newborn babies of mine in those first few days and weeks and remind myself of the miracle of it all. Truly it is an honor and privilege to be a mother. Thanks to the Almighty for allowing me this privilege, for answering my many pleadings for children! May each of my five boys one day appreciate all the sacrifices that come with that sacred calling of motherhood.



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