Opening Blossom Visualization

One of the most effective visualizations for women during labor is the “open blossom”. When birthing women use the power of the mind in opening the birth path for their baby into be born…creating more space…plenty of room…it is truly amazing. Read more

HypnoBirthing Fosters Calm, Gentle Birthing for Mothers and Babies

Love this testimonial from Dr Tan EE Ping in Malaysia, a new Practitioner, on the outcomes of using HypnoBirthing techniques to foster more calm, gentle birthing for women and babies:

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A View of HypnoBirthing from Dr. Tan in Singapore!

Dr Tan took HypnoBirthing in Singapore a year ago and has incorporated it into her practice.  She summarizes her results in this lovely story of gentle births with fewer interventions.   
Shared by Di Bustamante, HBCE and Faculty, USA

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