How to stay healthy when everyone around you isn’t!

We all value that which we want and do not have! Health is one such state that we value most when we don’t have it. Perhaps some enjoy taking a sick day from time to time. I am not one of them! Personally, I think being sick is an utter waste of time and resources. So I like to stay healthy and I like to keep my family healthy as well! Making healthy choices is a big part of that. I don’t like putting chemical junk in and on my body. Read more

Laws of the Mind and Thought that Affect Change

Law of Psycho-Physical Response:  For every thought or emotion, there is a corresponding chemical and physiological response within the body.  This is the most important law as it affects the conduct of labor. Read more

The Rules of the Mind

The Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing

Rules of the mind:

1)      Rule:  The mind can hold only one thought at a time.  Opposing thoughts cannot be held simultaneously; therefore, affirming positive thoughts creates a positive outcome.  The person thinking the thought can, and must, choose what the nature of that thought will be. Read more

Nurturing Instincts…What’s in a business name???

I have reflected much on why I chose the business name “Nurturing Instincts!”  It’s not easy choosing a business name as an entrepreneur!  There is much conversation and brain storming and prayerful meditation at least.

My entire life has been journey of education and research and practice…coupled with meditation and pondering and spiritual promptings…AND…what I have learned is that God gave us everything we needed!  We just need to know where to find it!  I would hope that my efforts in working with others would be a testament of that fact! Read more