While it would be pretty difficult to hurt yourself using CPTG essential oils, there are a few safety guidelines that will help ensure you don’t make a rookie-mistake!! Check out this video from Dr. David K. Hill, dōTERRA’s Chief Medical Officer, for some “getting started” tips. (I bet a few of our coaches here could share some of their newbie mishaps…anyone brave enough??)

Dr. Hill referred to a sensitivity chart in the video. The information can be found in your Product Guide, but here is a link to the chart as well.
I often come across new oil users who approach their oils in one of two less-than-ideal ways:
1. The “More is Better” group. These people think that if a little is good, a LOT must be better! Rather than using 1 or 2 drops, they use 10 or 12! Remember what you learned in the last video…essential oils are really powerful and a little bit goes a long way.
2. The “Barely-Make-A-Dent-In-The-Bottle-After-6-Months” group. These people are either overly-cautious or overly-frugal, but either way they’re not getting results! If you want to experience the benefits you’re expecting to get from your oils, you have to use enough (or use them OFTEN enough) to allow them to work!
To help each of these groups find the happy medium where essential oils are both safe AND effective, Dr. Hill shared these usage guidelines regarding HOW MUCH essential oil to use.
Keep in mind, these guidelines are intended as a starting point for individuals using essential oils for the first time. Many people use more drops per day than this with no unwanted effects, but as you begin using oils this will help guide your usage so that you’re not swinging too far into either of the groups we just talked about.