How important is life insurance once you are expecting a baby?

In this day and age, it is uncommon for a mother to die in childbirth! In fact, it is horrific when it happens! A week ago, just 30 min. from my home, a mother died after being delivered of twins via cesarean ( As that news feed came across my facebook page, I shed tears of great sadness. My heart ached for this young father! Any one having had a set of twins knows it is challenging with two parents, let alone one AND to be without a beloved spouse and partner is gut wrenching! This beloved mother had desired children for six years and her dream of bringing children into the world was fulfilled! And then…something very unexpected happened. Why get term life insurance?

How important is life insurance? We don’t know how much time we have on this Earth. We have no guarantees! The loss of a loved one hurts! Funerals are expensive. To have the assurance that medical expenses and funeral expenses are taken care of at least…to have the added blessing that lost income will be replaced at least for a time…to know that surviving little ones left behind will be cared for financially at least…brings peace of mind and relieves those remaining behind the added trauma of expenses for which they are simply not prepared to absorb!

As a former hospital nurse for 27 years, I can tell you that when we lost a mother in childbirth, I cried for days. And, I wasn’t alone! All the staff would be in mourning…we would experience all the emotions associated with grief. I worried for the husband/father! I worried about the baby/babies! I invisioned how this mother, who was now dead, would play a part in this child’s life? Why get term life insurance?

As the seventh child in thirteen, it is likely that we will “see it all” in the course of our days! There are just so many of us…add in all the spouses, all the children…and you have a lot of nieces and nephews! We buried my father just before he turned 61 yrs. old. Three years previous, he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Three months before he died he was put on a CPAP machine to sleep with after a diagnosis of sleep apnea. He was feeling so much better! And then one night after accompanying my sister singing (which he loved), eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream (which he loved), taking a nice warm shower before bed (which he loved)…he sat on the edge of his bed, ready to climb in…when his heart went in V-Fib. He fell back on the bed and was gone! Expected? We knew his health was compromised…but he was doing so much better! Shocking!

We buried my younger brother (we were less than 18 mos. apart) at age 44 yrs. after he died of prostate cancer. Fourteen months previously, he had been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer without any prostate symptoms whatsoever. He had been suffering back pain for about nine months, had been seeing a chiropractor and was not making progress. The chiropractor cornered his wife with that last appointment and told her to drive him directly to the ER and have an MRI done! The results? His bones looked like swiss cheese! You know…with all the holes in them! There was little they could do. In fact, they told him there was nothing they could do! So he sought some alternative therapies in Europe and in the USA. He cleaned up his diet…and he found joy in those last few months with his family. He lived only fourteen months after he was diagnosed…and because he was using essential oils successfully for the tremendous bone discomfort, he was only on a Morphine drip the last few days of his life. Expected? We knew it was coming. Still very difficult when it happened. Why get term life insurance?

We buried three nephews…ages 7 & 11 yrs. after a rollover accident…and another 7 yr. old that was run over by a school bus! Horrific? Yes! Expected? Not in the least! Caught us off guard and sent us to our knees pleading for comfort and understanding! Why get term life insurance? I added a rider on my life insurance plan for each of my five boys after Joshua died. Funerals are expensive!

If we knew we were going to die, perhaps we would write a letter to our loved ones left behind as a source of emotional comfort to them and a source of peace to us that we told them in writing just how important they were to us! Something to think about doing? Oh yes! And life insurance is something we need to think about doing as well! And there’s no better time than when you find out your are expecting a baby! Of course, we needn’t dwell on all that could possibly go wrong. And we also need to consider taking measures to live life to the fullest and let go of fear.

Call my friend, Heidi Westfall (Waddell & Reed) at (801) 472-1260. She will take good care of you and only offer you what you will need…no frills…no extra, unneeded expenses! But, do it today! In fact, tell her I sent you! Your loved ones deserve your attention to this matter…including that little BUN in the oven! And, it’s a whole lot more affordable when you are expecting your first baby than when you are expecting your 5th!! (I promise!) And, if you need additional incentives…take a look at this link below…and then call my friend, Heidi!

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