HypnoBirthing Fosters Calm, Gentle Birthing for Mothers and Babies

Love this testimonial from Dr Tan EE Ping in Malaysia, a new Practitioner, on the outcomes of using HypnoBirthing techniques to foster more calm, gentle birthing for women and babies:

I have had more than 10 HypnoBirthing patients so far. The differences that I observed are:
1. Patients are very calm during labour. No cry or scream, unlike those given pethidine or entonox.
2. Some of the patients were induced with oxytocin or prostin but they were still very calm and do not require any other methods of pain relief.
3. Second stage is without active pushing but big babies can also be born easily. My biggest HypnoBirthing baby delivered was 3.8 kg, first baby. No active pushing. Just breathe down. It’s amazing. Without HypnoBirthing, most patients would push for hours and may need vacuum or forceps due to maternal exhaustion.
4. Patients are very fresh and alert after giving birth because they were at deep relaxation state throughout the whole labour process. So, they are very keen for immediate bonding, skin to skin and breastfeeding. Patients without HypnoBirthing are usually very tired and exhausted and usually spend limited time on bonding and breastfeeding.
5. HypnoBirthing babies are also alert and very keen to breastfeed immediately after birth unlike those with no HypnoBirthing, many babies are sedated and often not keen to breastfeed.
6. Most HypnoBirthing patients can spend the next few hours breastfeeding because both mother and baby is fresh and alert. I have observed that these babies have less problems breastfeeding over the next few days. Unlike the non HypnoBirthing babies, they can be sedated for the next few days because pethidine takes 72 hours to eliminate from the baby. So, babies sleepy most of the time and with no stimulation, the mother takes more days to establish breastfeeding.
7. Breathe down method of birth also reduce the chance of episiotomy and less tearing because the baby descend slowly and allow more time for the perineum to stretch.

With every HypnoBirthing patient I have, I am amazed by the advantages of HypnoBirthing. This is definitely one method of birth that I would teach my daughter.

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