Is it too late to change midwives?

It was Thursday, the day after Kelsie’s due date when she texted me at 1:16 p.m., “I’m seriously contemplating switching midwives last second. I know it sounds crazy. I have just felt uneasy and blown off by [midwife] the last 3-4 times I have seen her. And I don’t want negative feelings or anything holding me back at my birth….” 

I was elated! Not that I didn’t appreciate her first choice. I had had great births with her. Ironically, my first birth with that very midwife was a couple that switched from an OB/GYN at 37 wks. and were willing to drive 30-40 min. from their home to work with her! The fact that Kelsie was feeling uneasy was incredibly significant. And she was holding on to her baby until she felt safe and secure in her choices. She made a call and met with another midwife the following morning, toured the birth center that this midwife had privileges at, and in less than 24 hrs. she was holding her baby! Incredible! Awesome! Fabulous! AND, she had her ideal birth!

I have seen this a number of times as a doula and HypnoBirthing Practitioner. At 9:02 a.m. Thursday morning, Kelsie texted, “Any special remedies you wanna send my way to try to get the ball rolling?? I know my due date was just yesterday….” We had already discussed this in our prenatal relaxation session…she knew what to do! She wasn’t having any labor activity at all, but her baby was in the ideal anterior birthing position…just waiting…. (Her other two children had presented in the posterior position.)

The moment Kelsie made that call and arranged to meet a different midwife was life changing! She met with Melissa first thing Friday morning, toured the birth center that Melissa had privileges at and texted me “I feel really good about everything!”

Saturday afternoon, I received a text from Kelsie’s husband at 1:21 p.m. “She is having surges every 3-4 min…and wants to just be home and keep moving…We wanted to make sure you were aware.” I had a vendor table at an expo and made a call to see if my husband was still near. I asked him not to leave the premises as it was likely I would need him to finish up and clean up for me. The next text I received from her husband, sometime before 3:00 p.m. was “Heading to the birth center!” (Her membranes released at 3:15 p.m shortly after she arrived at the birth center.)

I called my husband and alerted him to come quickly to my booth! We quickly walked to the car and he drove me the 15 min. to the birth center so he could go back and pick up our son from a birthday party. As I arrived, Kelsie was already in the birth pool, nudging her baby down. How exciting was this?!! She was doing it! And she was moving through labor quite quickly. Everything needful for her to feel safe and secure had been put into place and baby came quickly, arriving at 3:46 p.m., just 3-4 hrs. after labor had begun just like she had visualized!

The two most important decisions an expectant mother/couple make are the caregiver/birthing attendant and the birthing facility. When a mother feels safe and secure and supported she will let go and baby comes out! And in this case…very quickly! Kelsie was on an endorphin high through 6:00 a.m. the next morning, and absolutely elated with how everything turned out. I gave her a bracelet engraven with the words, “She believed she could and she did!” It was meant for Kelsie!

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