Listening for Needs…

I Love Listening for Needs…
This past Saturday, I was awaiting a flight with my 9 yr. old out of Phoenix to return home to Salt Lake City. Our flight had been delayed and there were no chairs to sit in. As I was reviewing several emails on my phone that I had missed during the week I was there teaching and educating in Phoenix, I overheard Tearesa ask her friend if she had something for heartburn. Her friend told her she had some TUMS in her purse and Tearesa commented, “Those don’t work for me.” She added that another friend seated in a couple rows over had some Pepcid in her purse…but that’s not what I heard. I heard Peppermint oil.

I spoke up and said, “Someone you know has Peppermint oil?” Her reply of “Peppermint oil? What is that?” surprised me. She corrected me, saying “I said my friend has some Pepcid AC. But what is Peppermint oil?” I asked, “Are you open to natural solutions?” to which her husband replied, “We’d much rather use something natural….” I asked, “What do you know about essential oils?” and Tearesa responded, “Nothing.” I asked, “Would you be open to trying a sample now?” She said of course and I pulled out some Digestzen from my purse explaining that “this is my go to when I need digestive support and it has Peppermint oil in it” and demonstrated how to drop a sample on my tongue so she would know it was safe to follow my lead.
After she did so, I commented, “It may not taste delicious, but it’s very effective when I need support.” Tearesa commented, “It’s not too bad.” I let her know that I would want to follow up with her the next day and follow her experience with the sample she had just put on her tongue and asked if she would be willing to add her contact info on my phone. She did so while I reached for a sample pack in my purse with several additional product samples in it including the Digestion. I started to explain them…as I looked up and noted my flight had been boarded and they were calling my name and my son’s name to board before shutting the door. I assured her that I would be in contact with her to follow up and guide her in the samples I had just given her as we ran towards the gate.
We boarded the plane…and found a stewardess that I had spoken with earlier saving us two seats together and wondering what had happened to us! After we were seated, I texted Tearesa with some more information on using the samples I had left with her before putting my phone in airplane mode. When I returned home later that night, I noted that she hadn’t yet responded. It was late, so the next morning I left her a voicemail when she did not pick up her phone. Monday morning, I sent an email still hoping to connect and follow up on her experience. Monday afternoon I received this email reply:

“Thank you for being nosy and saving my life. Lol. I was really having some bad chest pains there in the airport and didn’t know really what it was. I do have acid reflux issues so I was hoping it was that. Whatever that stuff was that you had me drop in my mouth helped. I was so relieved. I actually got your text message but not until I got home to Houston at 2 a.m. I sooo wanted to call you and thank you but I really didn’t think you’d appreciate a call that late. Hee hee!

Anyway, I’m anxious to get some stuff. I’ve been sore and used the Deep Blue sample that was in the bag as you explained in your text. Deep Blue is the “Bomb”!

Let me see what else I need. I’m looking at your products now. I’ll let you know which I want to try and inquire which you would recommend. TEARESA”

I love listening for needs and reaching out to serve and bless and offer a natural solution that I, personally, have found to be very effective. It’s easy to share when you have had a very positive experience. After using these products for the first month, back in April 2010, with consistent therapeutic benefits, I felt an obligation to share. Others MUST know about this! I find it very rewarding to help others in this way and empower them to managing their health and wellness concerns naturally.
Essential oils are plant based cellular nutrition. Our body knows how to use them. And when we nourish the body, it does it’s job better! The miracle is in the body! We just need to nourish it well!
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