Nurturing Instincts…What’s in a business name???

I have reflected much on why I chose the business name “Nurturing Instincts!”  It’s not easy choosing a business name as an entrepreneur!  There is much conversation and brain storming and prayerful meditation at least.

My entire life has been journey of education and research and practice…coupled with meditation and pondering and spiritual promptings…AND…what I have learned is that God gave us everything we needed!  We just need to know where to find it!  I would hope that my efforts in working with others would be a testament of that fact!

With regards to birthing, for instance, I have had numerous witnesses over the past 30+ years that women have everything they need to birth a baby without intervention or interference!  Our bodies were perfectly created to birth our young!  In fact, that’s the only reason we have a uterus!  Each month a woman’s body cycles with innate hormonal fluctuations…we dont’ control it consciously, it just does it as long as we are in good health…the uterine lining “rolls out the red carpet” to receive a fertilized ovum.  If that fertilization does not take place…then the “beautiful red carpet” is sloughed off and the process begins anew.  Childbirth is THE normal, natural, physiologic function of the uterine muscles.  They were created for this purpose…and, as with any muscle group…when one muscle (of the muscle group) if working, the paired muscle should be relaxing!  It is so with all paired muscle groups in our body!  When the biceps are working, the triceps are relaxing…when the quads are working the hamstings are relaxing, etc.  This is the case with the longitudinal muscles and the circular muscles of the uterus.  When the longitudinal muscles are working/contracting…the circular muscles are relaxing and being drawn up around baby’s head.  When a mother is relaxing, melting, and letting go during a contraction…the uterine muscle group works in complete harmony and she can birth her baby in calm and comfort and with confidence.  Conversely, when a laboring mother is fearful of the process/unknown and anxious…she enters what we “lovingly” refer to as the “fight or flight” response (and I will add “freeze” here as well!) and then the muscles work in opposition… longitudinal muscles contracting AGAINST the constricted circular muscles because it is simply not safe to let baby out under the current/present circumstances.  The ensuing result of muscles working in opposition is pain!  The longitudinal muscles contract, shorten, flex to “draw up” the circular muscles…and the circular muscles constrict and tighten and clamp down to safeguard the fruit of the womb.

The medical model for birthing was designed to “rescue” a mother from the pain of childbirth…and if she is in “fight or flight or freeze”…she may need and want this rescuing.   With education and deeper understanding of the physiology and what she can do to thwart the release of catecholamines (stressor hormones) and prevent the “fight or flight” response AND a tool bag full of relaxation techniques coupled with practice…mother’s birth their babies calmly, gently, more comfortably, and confidently…and all those abilities are taken right into parenting!  She then parents more calmly, gently, comfortably, and confidently!  And because parenting is largely “on-the-job-training”, the relaxation practice she did in preparing for birth is also incorporated into her parenting style.  Each day is a new day…and since children are resilient and give us opportunities for growth…we get to start over with our “practice” every single day!  If I blow it one day with my teens…I now know that they will provide me with every ample opportunity in the days to come to practice and sharpen my parenting skills…as well as my “letting go” skills!  Mothers have to “let go” in every aspect of the word to bring forth children!

My role as a childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and doula is to educate mothers/fathers/families on the natural physiology of birth, provide tools of relaxation, visualization, hypnotic deepening techniques, help her bond with and work with her baby and her body during pregnancy and birth, and provide her with the physical, emotional and perhaps even spiritual support she may need to trust birth and have confidence in her ability to do just that…birth her baby in calm, comfort, and confidence!  It so matters how women give birth!  It literally changes who we are, how we mother, and how we parent.  Birth is a celebration of life!  And, when women can birth confidently and with calm and comfort…and actually direct how their birthing plays out…they are confident mothers and can better handle the demands of childrearing.  And for those of you who read this and are parents…you understand what I mean when I say “parenting if not for wimps!”

I have literally travelled the world educating individuals and families on being self-reliant in proactively managing their health and wellness issues confidently using nature’s remedies and specifically essential oils in providing support for the body’s systems and functions. It’s so empowering having on hand at their fingertips what they might include in their daily routines to support a healthy lifestyle. As I educate them on what essential oils are, how to use them, and the experiential training that comes in doing so…we learn to “listen” to what our bodies need.  We re-engage our instincts!  Our body knows what it needs!  My desire it to help them tap into those instincts once again.

Over the past few months, I have had many express interest in using my business name and wanting my website domain!  It is NOT for sale!  I purchased this domain first!  And I plan to use it as long as I am living and beyond!  And just because I am not updating my blog on a regular basis does not mean I am no longer engaged.  In fact, for those wondering…know that it means quite the opposite.  I am SO engaged in Nurturing Instincts and serving those who come within my circle of influence that I haven’t taken the time to update my blog!  My business name…Nurturing Instincts…appropriately clarifies what I am about and what my life’s mission is!  There is no mistake in our creation nor in the creation of this world in which we live.  All the I’s were dotted and all the T’s were crossed!  Those living on this world may not be perfect, world circumstances are not ideal, life if not fair… because of man, not because of God.  Everything beautiful testifies of Him, as do I!  And I will continue onward in my mission to Nurture Instincts!  God really has given us everything we need!

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