Opening Blossom Visualization

One of the most effective visualizations for women during labor is the “open blossom”. When birthing women use the power of the mind in opening the birth path for their baby into be born…creating more space…plenty of room…it is truly amazing.  I have witnessed this first hand on many occasions over the more than 28 years that I have been working with women in childbirth.  On more than one occasion that I still remember vividly today, I would encounter a mother nearing completion of the thinning and opening phase and saying things like, “I can’t do this anymore!” or “I don’t know what I was thinking…but I’m done!” or “How much longer?” with that all too familiar “wanting to quit” that comes at that time in labor when she has that adrenalin rush near the end…the rush that says, “Get up and move!  It’s time to transition to moving this baby down the birth path!”  When laboring mothers experience that adrenalin rush, all too often it throws them into fight or flight…and they “hit the wall” and want/need to be done.  Help them prepare for it ahead of time an note what is going on at the moment…remind them of how well they have been relaxing…that they are progressing beautifully and getting closer to having their baby.

Lots of emotional support, encouraging words and words of affirmation are so vital at this point…and usually all it takes to build her confidence and move her forward one surge at a time.  When you get her up and move her…get her out of bed, take her into the bathroom to empty her bladder, change her position, give lots of hugs, allow the tears to flow…she will usually take a big breath followed by a big sigh as her pelvis opens.  And, it feels better to get up and move…and then she is back in the “game” again.  Sometimes there will be tears and phrases like, “That’s it!  Let all that emotion go…”  “I know you are working so hard!”  “You are doing it!”  “You’re so close!”  “You have everything you need to birth your baby!”  “I am/We are here for you!”  “I’m so proud of you!”  “You are so strong and I can help you the rest of the way!” …go a long way to help her on that last home stretch.  I actually love the tears at this moment…because usually it is holding on to that emotion that prevents her from opening that last little bit!  I remember a midwife walking in about the time one mother said, “I can’t do this anymore…” and the midwife commented, “Your brain doesn’t think you can…but your body knows you can!”

As a nurse, I remember doing a vaginal exam and calling her by name and asking her to open her cervix so baby can come out…and lo and behold, her cervix would open completely with the next surge.  Let go!  Surrender!  Don’t hold back!  Let baby come!  It’s time!  And…it usually is!  Encourage mother to follow her body’s lead…”Your body will tell you what to do…”  “Trust birth!  Trust your body and your baby!”  “Open your cervix all the way…”  “Move baby along the birth path and out into your arms…”  “That’s it!  You’re doing it!”  Just at that moment when she feels like she cannot go on anymore…she is almost done!  Love her, love her, love her!

One of our HypnoBirthing practitioners put together an amazing video depicting this opening…so beautifully done!  Click on the link below to view the video.

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