Simple Natural Solutions to Manage Spring and Summer Allergies

“What natural remedies have you got for allergies? Please give me something that works!” I had asked that question countless times and couldn’t find the answer anywhere, it seemed. Nothing over the counter could touch my allergies.

My whole life I struggled in the spring and summer months! I have lived in Draper, UT for nearly 25 yrs. and up until seven years ago, couldn’t enjoy being out on the many trails that Draper is so well known for because I needed respiratory support during these seasons. I had used over-the-counter products in the past, and if it had a adverse effect, I experienced it. I had to find more natural solutions! So I turned to herbs, homeopathics, and finally essential oils.

After receiving my first wholesale DoTERRA product order, I put a few drops of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils in a gel cap and took it morning and night for two days. I didn’t need any additional support for three weeks and then I repeated it when the pollens and grasses were driving me crazy. I didn’t need any further support for the rest of the summer and my life was literally transformed! Could it possibly be so easy? Since that first spring and summer of 2010, I no longer consider myself held hostage by pollen counts! I use a drop of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils on my tongue maybe three times a year OR I just put a drop of each in the palms of my hands, rub my hands together and breathe that combination of essential oils in and feel the itchy eyes and throat, the drippy nose and tight chest dissipate immediately OR add a few drops of each to the diffuser! Such an incredible blessing! I can now enjoy petting the neighbors cats and dogs now, breathing in the incredible aroma of flowers and flowering trees as I walk the trails of Draper, and going on countless walks and bike rides even when the grasses are almost as tall as I am.

When I was a young girl, my Mother gave me, my older brother and my Father allergy injections to desensitize us a little so we could better handle the spring and summer months with all its loveliness and pollens! I learned to drive when I was nine years old because I couldn’t help in the hay field or my eyes would swell shut and I struggled to get air in. I remember watching my Dad put Vicks VaporRub in his eyes…as the burn of the Vicks was far more tolerable than the terrible itching eyes and throat and the drippy nose.

Seven years ago, in April 2010, I found doTERRA after many years of searching for more information on essential oils. I knew it was an answer to prayer, as my previously experience with essential oils over nearly two decades was less than consistent. I saw Peggy Smith’s vendor table at a perinatal nursing conference and knew it was an answer to prayer and that I wanted everything on her table. I gave her my business card and asked her to please call me. When she called the following week, I told her I had always wanted to learn more about essential oils and asked how soon she could teach a class for me and how many people I needed to have present to make it worth her while! I called twenty two women to confirm eight in attendance and we barraged Peggy with questions for nearly three hours. It was time well spent and that was the beginning of an incredible healing journey!

Ever since that first experience in the spring of April 2010, I now carry sample bottles of many essential oils, including Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils to be ready for anything! The peace I now feel knowing that I have what I need when I need it is priceless! As a wellness advocate, I would love to guide you as well in managing your health and wellness concerns naturally! Please contact me here. To order Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils, click here.

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