Six questions to create lasting change

I was driving home from Arizona yesterday, the freeway message board read, “New Year, New You…Use your blinker!” It caused me to chuckle! I had left my Mother’s home talking to four quarreling boys about making some changes to strengthen our family in the coming year and reduce the contention in our home.

newEach year, many or us make goals or New Year’s Resolutions in hopes that we can create desired change. But what does it really take to make that happen? Will we fail to even remember our “goals” two weeks from now? Will it be like last year? Again? When all our “goals” were thwarted because “life happened”?

As I work with childbearing women that desire a natural birth…or a much different experience than their previous birth, OR work with those on my doTERRA team that desire to make a change in their health and wellness naturally OR desire to serve and bless others by sharing natural solutions, I often ask, “What do you want?” “Why do you want it?” “What are you willing to do to get what you want?”

1.) Are you ready? Is the timing right? There has to be a commitment! Are you committed? If you keep doing what you are doing, where will you be 6 months from now? Are you tired of doing (or not doing!) the same thing over and over while expecting different results?

2.) Are you willing make a change? What tells you so? There has to be a willingness and a desire! (And this goes much deeper than the surface.) What will reaching that goal or achieving the desired outcome give you? Give your family? What will it feel like? Why is that important to you?

3.) Do you believe it’s possible to create this change? On a scale of 1-10, what is your confidence level that you can change? That you can achieve what you desire? If that number is low, then we need to dig deeper into the emotions to raise that number so there is real motivation to progress.

4.) Are you fully committed? When life throws you down, do you have that “get back up” ability and drive? They say it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or fall as long as you get back up! Have you gotten back up when you fell short of your achievement before? Do you trust that you can do it again?

5.) Are you properly equipped with the education, the understanding, the tools, the skill set that you need OR do you know where to find it? Do you know what actions to take?

6.) Will you DO the daily work consistently, day after day after day until you get the results you are looking for and create a different habit? a different mindset? a new found confidence? Are you willing to stay and play until you achieve what you set out to do? If you know what you need to be doing to get the desired results, are you doing it? Are you doing enough of it? Are you getting the results you should be getting? If not, who might you turn to for mentoring?

In order to progress and improve, I have found it very helpful to reflect on the past year and decide what I wanted to change and what goals I desired to achieve. And in doing so, I have
untitled-design-29recognized, once again, that I cannot change anyone but myself. It’s possible that I might inspire another to change (and I sincerely hope I have done that) but I cannot change anyone! I am finding though that when I recognize the efforts of others, they are much more likely to continue striving to make changes. Taking time to quietly contemplate how important it was for me to reduce the contention in our home and why that was so important to me allowed me to look deep inside myself and come up with several behaviors that I was personally committed to changing. I shared the list I made with my boys and posted it on my bathroom mirror for me to read each day. I hope you will write your goals and post them for your constant review and reflection or ask another to be your accountability partner.

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