The Rules of the Mind

The Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing

Rules of the mind:

1)      Rule:  The mind can hold only one thought at a time.  Opposing thoughts cannot be held simultaneously; therefore, affirming positive thoughts creates a positive outcome.  The person thinking the thought can, and must, choose what the nature of that thought will be.

HypnoBirthing® Application:  If a pregnant woman refuses to entertain anything but positive images of birthing, she creates a positive mindset.  It prepares her for a positive outcome.  It is essential that she leaves all previous negative thoughts behind and not bring that negative energy into the present.  If a complicated first birth or a repeat of a previous difficult birthing experience is not wanted, DON’T ENTERTAIN THESE CONVERSATIONS.  DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT!

2)      Rule:  Thought precedes reality.  Whatever a person focuses upon, whether it be of an internal or external origin, becomes manifested.  What one says is what one gets.  Intention and belief create experience.

HypnoBirthing® Application:  Mental images become imprinted, and the subconscious plays out the plan.  By imprinting positive thoughts and birth plans, positive outcomes are realized.  This in the reason that we avoid discussion of complications in HypnoBirthing classes, though we do mention “special circumstances” that require the evaluation of a healthcare advisor.

3)      Rule:  For every thought or emotion there is a related physical response.  Thoughts that are imprinted into the subconscious create a biochemical response within the body; hence, over a period of time we can create our own health or illnesses with conditioned responses.  The rich get rich; the poor get poorer.

HypnoBirthing® Application:  This rule is perhaps the most important rule of the mind that applies to birthing mothers.  When fear is present, the fight or flight response is triggered and catecholamines are secreted causing muscles to constrict rather than relax.  The birthing muscles work in opposition rather than in harmony.

4)      Rule:  New programming in the subconscious is always more powerful and always wins out over past programming when the two are in conflict.  The non-reasoning, computer-like subconscious does not distinguish between fact and imagination.  If the illusion is that the new information introduced into the scene is for the person’s well-being, the subconscious accepts the new programming—right or wrong.

HypnoBirthing® Application:  The aura of authority and infallibility of the medical personnel or of older authority figures can lead a vulnerable laboring mother to accept intervention even when that intervention is contrary to her best interest and could lead to unnecessary pain or hardship.  The previous programming and sound information that she held can go by the wayside if the subconscious mind acquiesces to the illusion of knowledge and power.  This is all the more reason why couples need to be informed and educated to question the validity of the new information.  Once the information is verified, the couple will be more acceptant of necessary change rather than disappointed.

5)      Rule:  Once a thought is accepted and acted upon, behavior becomes easier with each subsequent similar thought.  Continued reinforcement of the thought or action tends to make the thought more readily accepted, and it becomes easier for additional suggestions of the same nature to be accepted and acted upon.  (A child once frightened by a vicious dog may become frightened of all dogs even when there is no reason for fear.)

HypnoBirthing® Application:  Once a pregnant woman becomes aware that easy, comfortable birthing is possible, she more readily accepts the premise that she is able to birth according to her own natural birthing instincts.  The conviction becomes stronger with practice.  On the reverse side of the coin, if she continues to have her fears of labor and birth reinforced with discussion of the complications and medical procedures, along with relatives’ advice, she can lean in that direction and shut out all possibility of serene birthing.  Continued emotionally motivated reaction becomes a conditioned response.

6)      Rule:  Once a thought is accepted by the subconscious, it remains intact until it is replaced with another.  Regardless of information to the contrary, unless the original imprint is released and a new imprint is substituted a person will continue to harbor the original thought.

HypnoBirthing® Application:  The confidence and conviction of the HypnoBirthing® Practitioner helps to alleviate and even eliminate the previous horror stories of birth from the pregnant woman’s mind.  Once she frees herself of these obstacles and replaces them with positive thoughts of birthing, she is free to birth as nature intended.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”   Albert Einstein, Physicist

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