When feeling pressured, a mother will hold onto her baby at all cost…til she feels safe and secure!

When feeling pressured, a mother will “hold onto” her baby at all cost…til she feels safe and secure! It was obvious during a hypnotic fear and emotion release that Megan was actually laboring and didn’t even know it. As I brought her out of hypnosis, I inquired as to when the intensity of her back and pelvic discomfort increased so significantly that it was too painful to even walk to the mailbox and gather the mail. Retrospectively, she thought back and realized it was the evening after her last prenatal appointment. Her midwife had “stripped her membranes” and then announced that she could choose to be induced on June 30th or she would have to wait until July 6th as both she and her partner would be out of town over the 4th of July weekend. Megan’s ideal natural birth vanished with the mere mention of induction. It was entirely possible that her surges began after her membranes had been stripped…but the emotional pressure to “get baby here” within a certain time frame stifled her natural birthing instincts as well as her ability to release and let go so she could welcome her baby naturally as she desired and as nature intended.

Trusting in nature’s design, birthing professionals need to listen to mothers! All too often medical staff move for unnecessary intervention when encouragement and support, patience and trust would do the job so much better! Asking a mother what she desires in her birthing experience…and then rallying around her to create and literally facilitate her “ideal” birthing experience, honoring her specific requests, allows a mother to feel safe and secure! Labor progresses beautifully, much more rapidly, and a whole lot more comfortably!

Most “stalled/slowed” labor is a direct result of a laboring mother feeling pressured, insecure and unsupported. Correct the environmental pressures, release limiting fears and emotions, put mother back in the “driver’s seat” and let her know that she is in charge of directing the course of her birthing…and amazingly her birthing body functions magnificently as designed! Mothers really do have everything they need to birth their babies calmly, gently, comfortably, and well. And seldom is intervention ever necessary.

Megan was referred to me by a former doula client. She called to inquire about my placental encapsulation services to ensure a wonderful postpartum experience. I answered her questions about placental incapsulation and we just seemed to click. I appreciated that she had done her research and knew what she wanted. I could sense that she was uncomfortable, though, and inquired how her pregnancy was going. That’s when she shared that she was experiencing a great deal of lower back and pelvis discomfort. I asked her what she had been doing to seek relief and she shared that she had sought chiropractic care earlier in the week. I praised her for her mindfulness and shared a couple doula stories of calling a chiropractor during labor to facilitate labor’s progress. If the pelvis is torqued and out of alignment, it is much more difficult for baby to pass through the birth path comfortably and well. And it’s much more challenging for mother as well.

I asked Megan if she was open to using some essential oils to complement her chiropractic care. She was somewhat familiar with essential oils and was open to natural solutions, so I invited her to come to my home the following day, on Friday, and offered to apply some essential oils followed by some counter pressure and massage. She gratefully accepted and found it very beneficial. I sent her home with some samples and asked if it would be okay if I followed up with her experiences over the next couple of days. She agreed.

She found the soothing blend quite helpful. But she was weary and just wanted baby here. Megan commented more than once that she just needed to make the call to her midwife and agree to the induction she did not want. I inquired further. That’s when Megan shared that her midwife and her midwife’s partner would both be out of town over the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Megan did not want to be induced. She wanted to have her baby naturally, unmedicated, and wanted baby to have a say in her birthday! As we talked, the intensity of emotions and disappointment she was holding onto were quite apparent.

It was early Tuesday morning when I invited her to my home for a hypnotic emotion and fear release and some labor acupressure with essential oils. She was so grateful and so willing and made arrangements for her mother to care for her two year old.

As I worked Megan through a guided imagery of “taking back her power”, letting go of the pressure of induction, trusting her birthing body and visualizing her ideal birth…imagining seeing herself in labor from a distance, visualizing how relaxed and calm and accepting she was that baby was coming, recognizing when it was time to breathe the baby down and giving her the suggestion that with only a couple of nudges, she would receive baby into her arms beautifully and comfortably. I then invited Megan in her mind’s eye to look out the window from her birthing room and note whether it was daylight or night time as she held her baby, and note how many hours had elapsed since she first realized that she was in active labor. Tears streamed down Megan’s cheeks as, with closed eyes, she set her subconscious expectations and visualizations, let go of the pressure of labor induction to manipulate baby’s arrival and literally took back her power.

After the hypnotic emotion and fear release and birth visualization, Megan rested comfortably on my couch while I engaged in labor acupressure with Clary Sage essential oil. She loved the aroma of Clary Sage and especially appreciated the hands on foot and leg massage between applied pressure. Her surge pattern was consistent…about every 3-4 minutes and she dozed in and out! Her eyes were closed; face relaxed; without evident worry lines (that were present when she entered my home). Her body was still and quiet and relaxed while her birthing muscles did their work to draw up the circular muscles over baby’s head and open the way for baby to be born.

When Megan arose from my couch, she commented that her back pain was gone…but her gate and waddle was a bit wider. I asked if she was okay to drive to her mother’s home and assured her that baby was coming soon. She now knew that and affirmed that baby was very low! We took a few minutes to make my favorite “ultimate newborn essential oil support blend” using Lavender, Melaleuca, Roman Chamomile, and fractionated coconut oil. Contact me. I hugged her and reassured her that she would indeed have her ideal birth. She thanked me profusely and slowly walked to her car.

At 4:40 a.m. the next morning, I excitedly jumped from my bed when my cell phone vibrated! I knew it was Megan! She was texting that she was on her way to the hospital. Baby Savy entered the world at 5:20 a.m.!

Megan had her ideal labor and birthing, just the way it was meant to be and just the way nature intended! Birth works!


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